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Railbike along the scenic Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Portland

Enjoy a truly unique experience!  For bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike!

March 8, 2000


For more information, contact:
Michael Rohde; (360) 438-2010

Railbike the beautiful Ohop Valley

Unique outdoor adventure awaits in Eatonville

If you've been looking for a truly unique outdoor experience, Railbike Tours, Inc., has just the ticket for an adventure offered almost nowhere else in the world... and it's right here in Pierce County, Washington.

Railbiking combines the simplicity and the serenity of a train trip, only it's easier.   There's no need to steer, no balancing required and no automobile traffic to hassle you.  Join us in late spring and this summer and we'll take you on a relaxing and beautiful three- to four-hour, 18-mile trip from Eatonville to Kapowsin and back via the tranquil Ohop Valley.

All you need to do is make a reservation and show up.   We'll provide the specially modified bikes, all the training you'll need (about five minutes), and tour guides.  Then you'll be off on the ride of your life.  There are no hills, no traffic, and nothing to stop you from enjoying this peaceful foray into nature.  It's like hiking in the forest, only it's easier.  You'll cover more ground and see more things.  All for only $45.00 per person.

We recommend that you dress casually in layers so you can add or removed clothing to fit your comfort level. Athletic shoes are best.  And bring raingear if the weather appears threatening.  Railbiking is an all-weather sport.

Call or email us for a reservation.   Or you can fill out this a form online to be added to our mailing list.  We'll send you a map with directions and a brochure (in PDF format - size: 795kb -  requires Adobe's Acrobat reader, available here) that will answer all your questions about railbiking.  And like most others adventures, railbiking is more fun in groups.  So tell your friends and set up a group outing.

For reservations or information, contact:

Railbike Tours, Inc.
Telephone: (360) 438-2010
Fax: (360) 493-1739
Web site:

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