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Railbike Tours Inc. - Important Safety Information

Railbike along the scenic Willamette River between Lake Oswego and Portland

Enjoy a truly unique experience!  For bicyclists and non-bicyclists alike!

Safety - Safety - Safety

Railbiking on a Coati Express Railbike

Safety issues related to railroad tracks are so important. Please take a few minutes to read the information here.

About Trespassing:

Raibike Tours, Inc. always works closely with the right-of-way owners and local communities to secure approval and scheduled times to tour specific sections of track.  If you are railbiking with Raibike Tours, Inc., you can be sure that the following safety guidelines have already been addressed for you!

On the other hand, the potential for serious injury while trespassing on railroad property is very real. In many areas, trains do not run on a schedule; they run when they are needed, sometimes only a few times per year. Even if a line has scheduled train traffic, additional trains can be run at any time. Do not trespass and always expect a train! Also, it is illegal to walk or ride on railroad property without the owner's permission. You not only run the risk of serious injury but arrest, fines and possibly jail time.

Safety Guidelines:

For railbiking to be enjoyed safely, a number of guidelines need to be observed including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Always get permission from the owner/operator of the railroad - even abandoned lines.

  • Follow all rules and conditions laid out by owners of railway lines.

  • Find out about the general condition of the tracks.

  • Be in contact with radio dispatchers, engineers and work crews on active rail.

  • Use a railbike design that is stable and safe.

  • Use high visibility vests, pennants and reflectors so that you can be seen at road crossings.

  • Report any safety problems you see to the owner of the rails.

  • Look out for trespassers and vandals.

  • Be extremely cautious at all road crossings whether they are marked or not.

More information on railroads, including safety, is available from the Federal Railroad Authority. Rail traffic safety organizations have additional information. Safety information can also be obtained from "Operation Lifesaver" which, while not particularly knowledgeable about eco-tourism or railbikes, concentrates on safety at railroad crossings.

Follow Raibike Tours, Inc.'s Lead in Safe, Approved, Rail Practices!

Thank You!

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