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Buying railbikes

Click the following links for information regarding:

Purchasing railbikes for private use

Starting a railbike tour company

Purchasing railbikes for use in track maintenance on an existing steam or short line operation

Purchasing railbikes for private use

Special purchase!

Four Riders one Standing while on a railbike tour in Costa Rica Look Ma, One Hand!  Riders enjoying themselves while riding railbikes in Alajuela, Costa Rica Thumbs up! Crossing the tallest railroad bridge in Costa Rica on a railbike tour

We have a number of used units for sale (frames only, no bicycle; as is! may be necessary to install new skateboard wheel bearings and perform other general maintenance).
$450 plus Shipping from Costa Rica*

All taxes and import duties are the responsibility of the purchaser. The frame will need to be modified slightly to fit standard gauge rail in the US. Michael Rohde will be available by phone and email for assistance in getting the frame set up for riding in the US or anywhere else and to answer general questions.

(*shipping example: Costa Rica to Philadelphia, PA USA airport is approximately $200). Before the sale is complete:

  • Purchasers will be required to sign a notarized agreement not to ride on any track without permission – including ‘abandoned’ rail.

Why do we have this policy?  Read our Safety Philosophy page.

**Please note that ‘abandoned’ track is still owned by some person or entity that has property rights and liability issues.  Don’t ride any rail without permission.  For more information about the issue of ‘abandonment’, please see our Safety (Philosophy) page.



Starting a railbike tour company

Railbike Tours, Inc. is interested in helping companies and/or organizations interested in starting a railbike tour company.  We offer consulting services for:

  • track assessment

  • strategies for approaching right of way owners

  • route potential

  • recommendations for right of way maintenance

  • tour organization strategies

  • marketing

  • obtaining insurance

  • providing railbikes for touristic use

  • developing safety plans including communication and medical evacuation

We are also interested in working with companies in limited partnerships and other arrangements.  Please contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas at:

Railbike Tours, Inc.

Phone: (360) 357-4038

Purchasing railbikes for use in track maintenance on an existing steam or short line operation

Railbike Tours, Inc. offers railbikes for sale to

  • Railroads

  • railroad right of way owners

  • shortline operations

  • railroad construction companies

  • steam operations

Railbikes are an efficient vehicle for

  • track checking (you are in intimate contact with the rail)

  • emergency vehicles

  • maintenance and workcrews

  • transportation at work sites

We offer railbikes in single, double and multi seat configurations.   Cargo railbikes for loads of several hundred pounds are possible and other specialized uses.  Prices depend on quantity purchased railbike configuration and tracking system used.

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